The Easylase series allows users optimal freedom of use and flexibility.

Every Tykma marking system is designed and manufactured according to relevant international standards. Laser inscriptions easy with Easylase.

Each marking system is completely self-contained and complies with all safety requirements in full compliance with CFR 1040 and other applicable international regulations such as 'Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC', 'EMC Directive 2014/30 / EC', 'Low Voltage Directive 2014/35 / EC' and the 'safety of laser equipment EN 60825-1'.

Ergonomic design, user-friendly controls and innovative features provide maximum ease of use. All systems feature a high performance MOPA fiber laser and can be easily adapted to customer needs. Systems are shipped completely assembled and receive a two-year warranty on all parts.

Examples of use

Our main catalog PDF download

Our main catalog

In addition to a large and attractive range of models, our comprehensive main catalog also provides detailed information on performance, solid workmanship and powerful accessories, as well as our Easylase Pro software.

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