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The energy of light is one of the essential factors of our daily life, we at Tykma use this energy to mark your products. The company Tykma Markiersysteme GmbH is a leading company with focus on the development and production of marking systems. Customers all over the world already rely on our wide-ranging know-how in laser marking, material identification and traceability. When may we also support you?

You want to mark your products safely and economically?
Then the inscription by laser marking systems is exactly the right thing for you. Laser marking guarantees a permanent and forgery-proof marking for your products.

Laser and conveyor technology from a single source!

Since the beginning of the year 2014 we work together with the company Broich Systemtechnik GmbH. This collaboration between Tykma and Broich (legally separate) is based on the development and production of concepts that combine laser technology with conveyor technology. This not only simplifies procurement and application, but also commissioning and service. If you ever have problems, our trained staff is a competent partner in both areas.

Whatever you are looking for, we have the right product. Please feel free to visit our website or call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why should I have my products marked with a Tykma laser?

Tykma offers you high-quality marking systems for permanent product identification and product identification of workpieces and parts. (Direct  Park Marketing) Direct Marking is a special industrial marking process that uniquely marks and identifies products and provides lifelong traceability. The importance of the traceability of products and product parts is steadily growing due to stricter laws in the area of ​​product liability. Since the amendment  of the ProdSG (product safety law) in 2011, retailers  and manufacturers are subject to a comprehensive information and identification requirement.According to §6 Paragraph 3 of the Product Safety Act, "clear labels must be affixed to identify the consumer product" (ProdSG). Make your products tamper-proof and give them an identity through serial numbers, company logos and many other data.

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Our main catalog

In addition to a large and attractive range of models, our comprehensive main catalog also provides detailed information on performance, solid workmanship and powerful accessories, as well as our Easylase Pro software.

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