Tykma Vereo Fiber

Vereo Fiber

Tykma´s OEM Lasers offer the latest and most advanced technology for manufacturers and integrators to integrate OEM laser systems into their equipment. The MOPA based fiber laser design enables high peak pulse power, fast Processing times and maximum flexibility in integration. OEM laser marking systems are air-cooled, maintenance-free and guarantee years of trouble-free operation and this with a very low energy consumption. Vereo™ has a compact 19'' rack control unit with a touch-screen control panel. The extremely compact laser head can be easily integrated, even in small working areas. The fastest and simplest focusing is guaranteed by the standard built-in focus finder system. All you need to program and control the laser is a USB connection to a laptop or desktop PC. Additional functions, such as control of external axes, additional administration of I/O's, 'Marking on the Fly' and camera-assisted programming/marking make Vereo™ a powerful tool for every production process.


  • High Power MOPA Fiber
  • maintenance free
  • air-cooled
  • compact design, 19” rack
  • touch screen operation
  • > 25000 hours of laser marking

Technical specifications

Dimensions & weight

440 x 96 x 120 mm
5 kg

Default inscription panel

100 x 100 mm

Optional inscription panel

254S (140mm x 140mm)
254L (165mm x 165mm)
further on request

Laser type

Ytterbium Fiber

Nominal cw power

10 / 20 / 30 watts

Pulse width


Pulse rate

(10/20W)1 - 200kHz
(30W) 1kHz - 1MHz

Electrical connected loads

110 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


1062 +/- 3 nm

Target diode

(2) Class 2M = 635 nm
red Laser-LED



PC connection


Available gateways

USB/digital I/O




24 Months

Examples of use

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Our main catalog

In addition to a large and attractive range of models, our comprehensive main catalog also provides detailed information on performance, solid workmanship and powerful accessories, as well as our Easylase Pro software.

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