Easylase Pro has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so you can learn how to use the software only usíng the video tutorial and manual. Easylase Pro runs on Windows XP, 7 to 10 32/64 Bit. The installation of the software is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once installed, the software recognizes the USB connection to your Easylase system and you can start programming. Easylase Pro lets you use all Windows True Type fonts, create barcodes, import 2D codes and a variety of graphic formats such as DXF, AI, PLT, SVG, Bitmap and JPEG. Automated date coding and sequential numbering are also standard. A pre-programmed material-library simplifies your work when setting the laser parameters. Easylase Pro software makes it easy to create, manage and operate your laser marking files by combining a user-friendly interface with many additional functions. This includes the import via Excel. Control up to two additional axes such as the XY table, the automatic Z axis or the rotation axis. Use the possibility to communicate with your database via digital I/Os, Ethernet or serial interface.


  • create and import a variety of objects and layouts easily.
  • Simple part fixing through the checkbox.
  • Use True Type fonts.
  • Create barcodes, 2D codes and many more


If our standard software package does not match your wishes and requirements, we will create you an individual user interface. Developed entirely according to your specifications. Customer-specific interfaces enable extended network communication, detailed operator instructions via images, data import via barcode scan and much more. Our customer-specific solutions can not only control complex processes, but also simplify operation for programmers and operators and help to eliminate sources of error.

Easylase Software Pro

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