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The most compact ever

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Tykma Easylase CL

The most compact ever

  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free design for industrial application
  • 30W fiber laser
  • Manual door adjustment
  • Focus Finder System
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Marks all metals, hard metals painted / anodized material and plastics
  • 24 months warranty

Easylase XS

The Easylase XS fiber laser allows users optimal user friendly and flexibility. The manual door is lightweight and ergonomically designed. An electrically adjustable Z-axis including our Focus Finder System facilitates focusing. The clearly arranged control panel simplifies the application. Easylase XS is a compact benchtop system and requires only a simple USB cable connection to your PC or laptop.

Our Easylase Pro SE operating software is intuitive, easy to use and runs on Windows 10. Mark up text, barcodes, serial numbers, graphics and more. You can even mark 360° with our optional rotary axis. With the help of the quick start guide, video tutorials and laser programming guide, the Easylase XS is ready to go in no time.

Technical specifications

Dimensions & weight

430 x 670 x 690 mm
70 kg

Inscription panel

100 x 100 mm (160S Linse)

max. part size

360 x 210 x 110 mm

Laser type

Ytterbium Fiber

Nominal cw power

30 watts

Pulse width

170 ns

Pulse rate

20 - 80 kHz

Electrical connected loads

110 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Wellenlänge (nm)

1062 +/- 3 nm

Target diode

(2) Class 2M = 635 nm
red Laser-LED

Operating system

Windows 10

PC connection



USB Drive / Quick Start Guide Software Manual
Safety Manual (all digital)




24 Months

Examples of use

Our main catalog PDF download

Our main catalog

In addition to a large and attractive range of models, our comprehensive main catalog also provides detailed information on performance, solid workmanship and powerful accessories, as well as our Easylase Pro software.

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